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馬鞭與馬刺Whip and Spur Galop (March)
作曲:Thomas S. Allen
編曲:Ray Cramer
出版公司:TRN Music


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托馬斯·艾倫 (Thomas S. Allen)(1876-1919)所作,他的音樂反映了專業音樂家的生活。他是一名小提琴手,二十歲時在馬薩諸塞州的一支專業舞蹈/管弦樂隊中首次亮相。後來他在波士頓的歌劇院管弦樂隊演奏,曾一度擔任 Edwin G. Bates Musicians 的業務經理,但後來又回到管弦樂隊演奏。儘管艾倫為各種舞蹈、雜技表演和短劇創作了大量音樂,但大部分都被遺忘了。在牛仔競技表演、馬戲團和音樂會中,還能聽到少數片段,如 General Mixup、U.S.A、Blue Streak Galop、Saddle Back Galop、Horse Marines、Battle Royal 和 Majestic等曲。《 Whip and Spur Galop 》通常是一拍,或是非常快的每小節兩拍,因此聽起來相當「困難」。然而,音符都是四分音符和八分音符,很容易演奏者。這激動人心的小賽馬,無論是演奏者或觀眾都會感到很有趣。

by Thomas S. Allen (1876-1919) / arr. Ray Cramer. The music of Allen reflects his life as professional musician in the world of entertainment. He was a violinist and made his debut with a professional dance orchestra in Massachusetts at the age of twenty. He later played in an Opera House orchestra in Boston. He was the business manager for Edwin G. Bates Musicians for a time, but returned to orchestra playing. Although Allen wrote a great amount of music for a variety of dances, acrobatic acts, and short dramatic sketches, most all is forgotten. Only a few rags and galops are still heard in rodeos, circuses, and concerts. Some titles still occasionally heard are General Mixup, U.S.A., Blue Streak Galop, Saddle Back Galop, Horse Marines, Battle Royal, and Majestic. Whip and Spur Galop is usually taken in one, or a very fast two beats per bar, thus it sounds “difficult.” However, the notes are all quarter and eighth notes, and fall easily under a player’s fingers. It is an exciting little galop, fun to play and certainly fun for the audience to listen to.