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T-I-P-P-S 管樂教材 – 上低音號(T.C.)T-I-P-P-S for Bands: Tone * Intonation * Phrasing * Precision * Style – Baritone (T.C.) Book
系列:T-I-P-P-S 管樂教材系列
作曲:Nilo W. Hovey
出版公司:Alfred Music


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本書書名 “TIPPS” 由聲調(tone)、音調(intonation)、樂句(phrasing)、精確度(precision)和風格(style)這五個詞的首字母組成。適用於個人課、課堂課程及樂團合奏課。有助於學生提高演奏水準,且幾乎不會遇到問題。也可以用作熱嘴和教本。

The title of the book, T-I-P-P-S is formed by the initial letters of the words tone, intonation, phrasing, precision, and style. It is usable with individuals, class lessons, or a full band. Players can concentrate on improving performance with little or no playing problems involved. It is usable as a warm-up book and a technic book.